About Us

This website is our platform for the ‘family’ of Back to School Bank groups around the country. It’s also for anyone out there who is looking for and needs our help. There is a comprehensive list of all Back to School Bank groups along with location and contact details, links to government schemes such as uniform grants and links to all local authority funding and what help is available.

The intention has always been that any groups who want to set up, work entirely autonomously.

Only one bank, West Lothian, is a registered charity and this was always their intention and that’s completely up to each individual group. But there’s no imperative to do that. You don’t need disclosure, because all referrals are requested with total anonymity and you always work with a third party. Data protection is always preserved. That’s important from both sides but especially important to maintain the dignity and the privacy of the recipient.

When you set up a group, one thing is certain … you can’t do this on your own at least not for very long.  But it does only take 3 or 4 people to pull a group together. Write a constitution for your group and nominate a Secretary and a Treasurer. It’s all very simply done and it allows for the group to open a bank account and apply for grants and funding. However, if you do feel you’d like to set up with charitable status, there’s lots of help available and there is always West Lothian to tell you everything you need to know!

There is no-one in charge of the Back to School Bank, as an organisation. Once you’ve decided to set-up, it’s all yours! Each group remains autonomous and self-supporting.

Click on Getting Started. This is a simple (sort of!) breakdown, of the best way to get yourself up and running. Hopefully it works as smoothly as this but do remember, there are plenty of Back to School Banks all around the country only too willing to offer help, when you need it.